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"Testimonials from some happy customers........

"I own a lot of high heels but rarely end up wearing them. My desire for comfort outweighs my vanity most of the time :) I have tried Foot Petals, Dr. Scholls, and a few other no-name brands of foot cushions. I definitely think Stiletto Hardware blows them all away. You can feel the memory foam with each step. They are nice and pillowy and really absorb the shock. They are also large enough to cushion the entire ball of foot area, thus dispersing the pressure and increasing comfort (I'd say these are about 20% larger than Foot Petals, for reference). I've been wearing these in 3.5 inch heeled boots and I can walk around for 6 hours before my feet start aching..quite a feat for me. I highly recommend them. They restored my faith in sexy shoes again."   - customer

"The best ball-of-foot cushions I've tried. I like the discreet size and the thickness isn't as thick as the gel insoles, which usually makes my shoes too tight. The quality is excellent. Will buy again."   - customer


"The pads were so comfortable I was able to work the whole trade show for 8 hours without changing shoes; which hasn't happened in 8 years!"  -   Atlanta, GA

"Great! Makes comfy shoes more comfy!"   -   Los Angeles, CA

"Love! Love! Love!"    -    Mission, TX

"They feel amazing! Wish they came in black though. I'd still buy them whenever I needed comfort!"  -  Las Vegas, NV

"Just wanted to drop a note and say my wife really liked the high-heel insole. We had our son's baptism this Sunday and she was kickin' in style and comfort. Where can we order more? "  -  Washington, DC

"Stiletto Hardware is to Dr. Scholls Gel as Tempurpedic is to Waterbed"  -  Anh, 9to5Chic